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Replay your matches : Kincube displays service speed, game statistics, court coverage and key moments !


Analyze your winning points, identify strong and weak areas, accelerate your progress !

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Kincube evaluates the level of your game and matches you with the right partner.
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How it works

Record your match

Hang a standard sport camera on the side of the tennis court.

Upload your video

Share the video of your match on the Kincube platform.

Enjoy your game statistics

Go through the key moments of your match, and find your best shot !

The app

The Kincube app allows you to monitor the video of each match and to enjoy all your stats, like a pro ! You will know everything about your game : service speed, distance run and even the analysis of your game heatmap.

A passionate team

Nicolas - Co-founder

is passionate about photography and computing. He likes adventure, travelling to remote places and meeting people from different cultures. He shares with Louis the passion of trail and a very strong friendship.

Louis - Co-founder

develops the software and computing algorithms. He is passionate about applied mathematics and modeling complex processes. An accomplished athlete, he runs marathon, plays tennis, sails and cycles.

Dominique - Umpire

Etaples : the first tournament

"During the tournament, Kincube offered professional statistics to all our players, even better than in most ATP tournaments !"

Walid - Player

Dedicated Kincube user

"It's so cool to get professional statistics when you're just an amateur tennis player !"

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